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-- features

Take control of your honks and join the federation in the fight against the
evil empire.

Send honks. Receive honks. And not just honks.
Bonk, donk, tonk, all your favorite activities are here.

Custom emus.

Purple color scheme.

No attention mining.
No likes, no faves, no polls, no stars, no claps, no counts.

The button to submit a new honk says "it's gonna be honked".

Ein Honk is a stupid person auf deutsch.

No keybase support.

-- build

It should be sufficient to type make after unpacking a release.
You'll need a go compiler version 1.11 or later.

Even on a fast machine, building from source can take several seconds.

-- requirements

libsqlite3 (you probably already have it)

go modules included in vendor:

-- setup

honk expects to be fronted by a TLS terminating reverse proxy.

First, create the database.

./honk init

This will ask four questions.
username: (the username you want)
password: (the password you want)
listenaddr: (tcp or unix: localhost:31337, /var/www/honk.sock, etc.)
servername: (public DNS name:

Then run honk.


Refer also to the docs directory, in particular manual.txt.

Busy honk instances may use megabytes of memory.

-- upgrade

./honk upgrade


recent changes

8b3509badfc9 on 2019-04-19 23:23:22 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

sigh. need to defer mentionize to avoid collecting our own html

ec88c97cabdc on 2019-04-19 23:00:46 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

no rows is not an error

474b20a790c4 on 2019-04-19 22:58:49 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

the schema is a little better than before

775776daa0d2 on 2019-04-19 22:49:56 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

oops, only need to create idx once, from qbit

1d3aaba369ae on 2019-04-19 22:40:13 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

userid for thread kill query

5cd5cf7c2515 on 2019-04-19 22:35:21 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

dost thou bite thy thumb at me?

215ba19c918a on 2019-04-19 22:34:39 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

going to need userid in zonkers table too

b62c0b4179ff on 2019-04-19 22:10:58 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

don't show honks from zonvoys

5c4eb20d0c22 on 2019-04-19 22:06:34 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

some style tweaks to keep honk info aligned with avatar

af29d30d0e8c on 2019-04-19 12:48:44 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

prefer the activitypub context name for conversation

e5fa705ac91e on 2019-04-19 12:35:31 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

allow mention by direct url

c9f762df815f on 2019-04-19 11:50:35 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

a convoy is a whole fleet of honks, coming at ya

8e34ae12d30a on 2019-04-19 11:32:01 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

use two more bytes for xid, but don't bother looking for dupes.
102 bits ought to be enough for anyone

a109ca8b1a06 on 2019-04-19 11:08:22 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

schema updates for future changes. xonkers, zonkers, and convoys, oh my.

b817fd9c1eac on 2019-04-19 10:41:21 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

lower case all the sql