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HFCS(1) General Commands Manual HFCS(1)

hfcshonk filtering and censorship system

The honk filtering and censorship system, hfcs, controls what messages are seen and how they are presented to the user. Filter rules are based on a series of matches and actions. It is accessed via the filters menu item.

Each filter has an optional name and notes for user defined purposes.

The following match types are possible. All nonempty criteria must match.

Match an actor or domain name. Matches against actor property.
include audience
Previous match is applied against
only unknowns
Previous (domain) match is applied only to unknown actors.
Regular expression match against the post content. The special value of "." will match any post with a summary only.
is reply
A reply to another post.
is announce
Is announced (shared).
announce of
Limit prevous match to only specified actor or domain name.

The following actions may be applied. Multiple actions may be applied, but some are subsumed by others.

Reject this message entirely.
skip media
Don't include images or attachments.
Remove this message from most feeds.
Show only a short summary with click to view content.
Rewrite message content, using replace replacement text.

The text and rewrite fields are case insensitive word anchored regular expressions. Specifically, an argument ‘re’ will be automatically rewritten as ‘\b(?i:re)\b’. The replace text may refer to submatches using $1, etc.

A post marked sensitive that does not otherwise contain a summary will have an invisible summary of “unspecified horror” that can be matched against and will appear if the post is collapsed.

An optional expiration may be specified as a duration. XdYhZm for X days, Y hours, and Z minutes.

A rudimentary spam filter to reject randos shilling their discord. It will expire after two days. screenshot of

Following a group my result in the timeline being flooded with replies. These may also be rejected. screenshot of filter


Not seeing is not erasing.

July 16, 2024 OpenBSD 7.5