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Enterprise Social
version 0.00000001

An ActivityPub based social network server for only the biggest enterprises
with the most domains. Every user gets their own domain. If they don't like
it, they can take it and leave!

### Expected to work

Signing up at

Posting, following, seeing posts, getting followed.
The usual social network stuff.

### Should work, but expect surprises

Import and export. Incomplete, needs more testing with real data.

### Adventure mode

Running your own instance.

### Coming later

Multiple users per domain.

Inline mentions, tags, etc.

recent changes

43:892095fb6426 on 2024-07-16 01:24:03 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>
Tagged: tip

want to copy the orig dest, not the app data link

42:102ee6e58010 on 2024-07-16 01:18:14 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

add copy to context menu

41:2725bd896f05 on 2024-07-16 01:04:32 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

look for quotes in our own posts

40:8e9c9ef6426e on 2024-07-14 18:21:06 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

record url for posts where it differs from apid

39:36fc80bb54ba on 2024-07-14 18:04:31 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

halfdone quote inlining

38:2ebc7dd34f2f on 2024-07-14 17:13:38 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

try to make the media tab useful

37:50829299b0f0 on 2024-07-11 15:35:02 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

rework the content replacement to be much faster

36:ac15240a5e13 on 2024-07-08 02:23:41 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

allow deletion of persons

35:113be0572207 on 2024-07-08 01:56:20 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

some style for notifs

34:462b7440c563 on 2024-07-08 01:51:43 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

minimal styling for subs page