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-- description

Stuff for spinning webs.

Current status is somewhere between alpha and I'm running alpha in production.

cache - a little cache to prevent digging into the database too frequently

htfilter - hypertext filter. rewrite whitelisted html.

httpsig - http signatures

image - rescale, rotate, recompress images.

junk - modestly typed wrapper around map[string]interface{} for json objects.

login - simple password based cookie auth

rss - datatypes to assist rss generation

synlight - syntax highlighting
see also:

templates - utility wrappers around html/template for hot loading

recent changes

160:a4f892605789 on 2020-01-24 23:34:48 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>
Tagged: tip

some more checking for http sig validity

159:f4d0998fe836 on 2020-01-24 03:20:39 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>

Added tag v0.6.36 for changeset f5b8558f2e21

158:f5b8558f2e21 on 2020-01-24 03:20:32 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>
Tagged: v0.6.36

allow a subset of styles in attr

157:0972547a0d2b on 2020-01-19 03:54:01 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>

Added tag v0.6.35 for changeset 40808bb918bd

156:40808bb918bd on 2020-01-19 03:53:22 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>
Tagged: v0.6.35

use more compatible ed25519

155:86c9448b3f43 on 2020-01-19 03:41:23 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>

Added tag v0.6.34 for changeset 2a08ce4d95d6

154:2a08ce4d95d6 on 2020-01-19 03:41:14 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>
Tagged: v0.6.34

add support for ed25519 keys

153:d5ce8faa332d on 2020-01-15 00:57:58 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>

Added tag v0.6.33 for changeset 39798f686178

152:39798f686178 on 2020-01-15 00:57:49 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>
Tagged: v0.6.33

sometimes need to flush cache without knowing key

151:4a1cf73b5dcc on 2020-01-12 00:08:33 -0500 EST by Ted Unangst <>

Added tag v0.6.32 for changeset 5642482cbed4