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humungus - an hg server

-- features

View changes, files, changesets, etc. Some syntax highlighting.

Read only web access. Write access via ssh keys.

Serves multiple repositories.

Allows cloning via the obvious URL. Supports go get.

Federates via ActivityPub.

Serves files for downloads.

Online documentation via mandoc.

Terminal based admin interface.

-- requirements



-- setup

# build and init database
./humungus init

# populate repos; they will live inside ./repos
# clone recommended; mv also works
mkdir repos
cd repos
hg clone /work-stuff/one
hg clone /work-stuff/two
hg clone /work-stuff/fun
cd ..

# optional: fill in downloads
mkdir -p downloads/fun
cp /releases/fun/*.tgz downloads/fun

# run admin
# use (a)dd command to add repos one, two, fun, etc.
# finally (s)ave and quit
./humungus admin

# finally, run server

# optional: enable federation
./humungus setconfig enablefedi 1

recent changes

419:972ee41a59ec on 2024-07-08 02:53:54 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>
Tagged: tip

send commit messages in order

418:c9da47be7eda on 2024-07-02 14:57:49 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

need to add keys when creating a repo

417:8aabd143cbce on 2024-06-25 04:43:24 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

another goog prefix showed up

416:c4d082316ecc on 2024-06-03 17:40:17 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

strings.TrimSuffix failed to read my mind

415:1b0ddcde6947 on 2024-06-03 17:39:48 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

don't crash on missing repo

414:be35faadfb8c on 2024-05-23 14:41:10 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

trim the zeros from the long hash

413:7ba5ba4eec93 on 2024-05-17 02:06:27 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

use a context tag based on hash

412:3a66cc33a458 on 2024-05-12 16:56:49 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

document how ssh is enabled now

411:bc8f42594023 on 2024-05-12 16:56:37 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

rewrite admin screen to use state instead of a jumble of closures

410:96efd9bf1f10 on 2024-05-12 03:02:10 -0400 EDT by Ted Unangst <>

revise and update the admin screen